Abena challenges the Government’s lack of long-term support for Businesses

On 9th January, as Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, I spoke in the House of Commons in response to the Government’s latest statement on Non-domestic Energy Support for businesses.

I challenged the Government on this announcement, which proves their policy is just another example of sticking-plaster politics. Last year, businesses were promised clarity by this government, however, constant chaos in the Conservative party has meant firms, workers, and families had to go another Christmas worrying about their energy bills.

We all know that businesses need to plan ahead but these policies are forcing them to live day to day and not knowing what the next month will bring, let alone the next quarter. Unfortunately, as I stated to the Minister, this week’s announcement did not have to be this way and is just a sticking plaster for the wider energy challenges. There needs to be a long-term plan or this merry-go-round will only continue.

Speaking in the house, I set out Labour’s plans to “back British businesses and give them the certainty they need to plan and invest”. This includes scrapping business rates with a fair tax on the online giants, having a long-term industrial strategy alongside which our industries can invest, and, dealing with the energy crisis at its source.

You can read my speech here or watch the full speech here.