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My Black History Month Debate in Parliament

Black History Month is an important moment of reflection each year when we celebrate the great achievements of Black Britons. Therefore, this year I was pleased to host a debate in Parliament – the first Black History Month debate in two years – see links below to see what was said.

As you may know, the theme of Black History Month 2023 has been “Saluting our sisters”. In my speech, I was delighted to highlight several Black Britons, and especially Black British women, who for too long have been under-recognised in our national conversation.

You are welcome to read my full speech on the UK Parliament’s website here.

You can also watch my speech here.

Finally, while this is an essential annual event in the UK and worldwide, I spoke about how we must commit to talking about Black history all year round. I thank everyone who celebrated this year and all those continuing to fight for positive change.